Monday, February 27, 2012

Easter Tree

We decided to start our Easter tree tradition this year. I am using a blog called "Babe of My Heart" as a resource.

This lady does most of the work for me! She gives the scripture for each day and even tells me what ornament to put on the tree.

I usually try to find the ornament the night before. If I can't find anything, I just ask my talented to husband draw it on paper.

Our tree isn't very attractive to the eye. It is a hodge podge of things we've drawn, made, or found around the house.

Every morning, Hudson and I read the story of the day from the Jesus Storybook Bible. If there isn't a corresponding story, I just summarize it for him. Then, we put the ornament on the tree. He has really been paying attention! At dinner, if Will is home, we read the story from the actual Bible.

I have really enjoyed meditation on God's redemptive story. So far we have looked at faith, creation, the fall, the flood, Abraham and Sarah, Abraham and Isaac, Ismael and Jacob, and Jacob's Ladder.

Another idea I read about is from Noel Piper's, "Treasuring Christ in our Traditions" is using white candles at the dinner table during Lent. You need a candle for each Sunday of Lent. During the first week, all the candles are lit during dinner. Each Sunday, you blow a candle out. This signifies the darkness of sin. The night before Easter, every candle is blown out. On Easter Sunday, the candles are once again lit. This represents Jesus being the light of the world. I want to do this, but my son loves candles so much that he wouldn't be able to focus on his dinner while any are lit!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Another Hudson Update

I haven't been great about blogging lately. I think it is time for a Hudson update. It is good for me to think through how he is growing.

He will 22 months old on March 5th. His communication skills have really taken off. He can usually tell me what he wants. A couple of weeks ago, he went to the fridge and said, "Pickle." He is a man after his momma's heart.

He loves cats, Elmo, dirt, cars, (real ones) lamps, lotion bottles, candles, light switches, paint, books, doorbells, and anything electronic.

His perfect morning would include each of the following activities:

playing with a light switch
turning on every lamp in the house
anything related to the car-cranking it, rolling down the windows, turning on the interior lights, adjusting the radio, and operating the garage door opener

We are really working on using our words rather than looking at me and moaning. Please, thank you, all done, more, up, down, hot, cold, help, and uh oh are well integrated into our vocabulary. He suprises us with new words all the time. He can say many words that have to do with our everyday routine.

I've tried, as much as I can, to give his day structure. Our breakfast routine usually includes a story from the Jesus Storybook Bible. We then work through the alphabet using an excellent program called starfall. The website is By doing this for 10 minutes every morning, he has learned letters, numbers, animals, and several other words. He asks to do this daily!

Afterwards, I usually give him a little directed play activity to do. This is usually play doh or an activity with puff balls, pipe cleaners, or plastic eggs. I then try to get in a little "room time." Sometimes, I put up his room gate, and other times, I play with him. This is really to teach him "how" to play with his toys, as well as a little independence.

We still do our usual morning outings. Grocery day, storytime, playgroup, and Bible study are all weekly events. I usually try to plan one or two playdates a week as well. The afternoons are flexible. We sometimes venture to parks, run errands, or visit the library. Since the weather is warm, we are able to go to some of Will's soccer games. Most of the time we are home!

I can't believe this little guy is approaching his second birthday.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I have that kid....

So, I usually use this blog to share the sweet moments of life. Those moments that make you smile and marvel at how grand we have it.

Not today.

Hudson and I attended our weekly storytime this morning. Before the last story, the lady gives all of the children a snack. Last week, it was sour gummy worms. Hudson thought they were awesome.

Today, as she passed around the snacks, Hudson sat in my lap saying, "please, please." She finally arrived at him. The snack was Cheez-Its. Immediately, my 21 month old started screaming. He went to her snack pail, grabbed it, and began digging for worms.

I quietly went over and explained to him that the snack was Cheez-Its, and he needed to try one. So, he tried five at once. Then, he proceeded it walk to the middle of the reading circle and spit them on the floor. One baby came over and tried to eat them.

I was mortified. My pride damaged. I didn't want to have that "spoiled" kid. I looked like an awful parent.

I cleaned up the mess, grabbed Hudson, and ran for the door.

I felt really mad at my almost two year old and overwhelmed at the task of teaching him obedience.

This is a hard job. I hope I never look at another mom and judge her for her parenting skills. We are all learning. My task it to help shape this little guy into the man he will become. The process is messy.