Tuesday, April 3, 2012


He calls it his noom. New + Room = Noom. Makes sense. It still needs work..including a few pictures and a new light fixture.

Our friend Erin got us the map for FREE!

The chicken wire frame came from a consignment sale for 7 bucks. I think it will be a cool way to show his art work, birthday invites, pictures, and memories. We still need to refinish the nightstand...real wood and 12 bucks from same consignment sale.

Bed-in the family
All other stuff-thrift store

We found the lockers in Will's family's basement. The chest of drawers are from Pop's childhood. Will calls them chester drawers. Everything else is from the thrift store!

I copied Ashley Ann Photography on her roller shades and happy tape idea. And the rug. And the colors. I love her ideas.

He is so proud of his new space. He runs in everyday screaming, "Noom, noom, noom." Sweet boy.