Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Patridge Preschool

I am beginning another year of learning with Hudson.  As usual, we are trying to keep it simple.  More than anything,  I want him to play and learn through the rhythm of our days.  Yet, I still want to be intentional with him.  This probably is more for my peace of mind than his.

Here is a peak into our learning time:

  • During breakfast, we look at our calendar and go over our days of the week, months of the year, and the seasons.  We read our Bible story, recite our memory verse, and review our catechisms.  Then, we clean up the kitchen, make our beds, and dress for the day.

  • Later in the morning, we read our BFIAR or FIAR story and do a little activity with it.  I also am teaching him how to tell me what the story is about after we read it.

  • During Clara's nap, we do a page in the Get Ready for the Code workbook and then a letter or math activity.

  • I often try to be intentional when we are outside and teach him how to observe nature in a meaningful way.  We have little simple nature notebooks.

  • Lots of books, art supplies, open ended toys, and outside time.

  • Intentional outings and library story time.

  • I am reading "Laying Down the Rails" and am working with him on habit training.

Working on his letters.

Perusing our nature collection.

Excited about learning with him!

Clara-23 Months

Clara is 23 months old.  It is hard to believe she will be two next month.  She still has many of the same, animals, and food.  She is our little social butterfly.  She says hi to everyone she encounters. We recently discovered she loves tomatoes.  Yeah for consuming veggies!  

Every morning, she brings all her stuffed animals into the living room.  She pushes them in her cart and pulls them out to count them,.

She loved her piggy bank and even slept with it.  It was a sad day when she tossed him from the crib.

She could paint for hours.  She never noticed we left her here.

This is how she occupies her time while Hudson plays in the garage.

She loves bubbles and asks for them everyday.

Just a glimpse of her bedtime.  Pig has been replaced by a lion and two puppies.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Uncle Ryan and Aunt Hayley

Will's brother got married this summer.  It was a beautiful wedding, and we are more than thrilled to have Hayley joining our family.  I also loved seeing my sweet babies dressed as ring bearer and flower girls.  They did wonderful.  They held hands, smiled, and walked slowly  We were so proud and amazed!

Our Updated Home

Will spent the summer changing the outside look of our house.  It was a 7 phase process.

  1. He ripped out the rotted wood and replaced it.
  2. He cleared all branches touching the house, including giving the pear tree in front of our house a huge trim.
  3. He pressure washed everything.
  4. He painted the house gray with white trim.  He painted the front door aqueduct.
  5. He tilled the ground in the front yard and filled it with topsoil.
  6. He laid zoysia sod.
Here is what we started with:


Replacing wood.

Trimming the huge pear tree in the front yard.


Painting with his best buddy, Blake!

Painting the door aqueduct.

Tilling the ground.

Filling the ground with topsoil.

Here is the end result:

Cant' wait to add mulch around the tree and plant more flowers!  In love with our sweet update!