Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Much Needed Update

This much needed update is really much needed for me.  As I've stated before, I use this blog as a family journal and print it each year from the blog to print website.  I wish I updated more, but my brain stays in a constant haze lately.

How are we?  Well, life is pretty routine.  I am home more than I have ever been.  Hudson and I would get out everyday when it was just the two of us at home, but now, we spend whole days never leaving the house.  That isn't to say that our days aren't filled with much adventure...just a different kind.

Hudson is now 2 years and 8 months old.  He is in Mother's Day Out for 2 mornings a week and is beginning to really enjoy it.  He went through a stage this year where he was very fearful of his peers and very clingy to me.  I see this beginning to fade.  He is also beginning to show more of an interest in playing with other children and appreciating toys.  He still is not great at playing alone, and he prefers adult type gadgets over toys most of the time.

He really beats to his own drum.  He still loves cars, motorcycles, keys, doorbells, buttons, garage doors, cell phones, and cameras.  He watches garage door repair shows on youtube.  Like I said, he beats to his own drum.

He loves the Wheels on the Bus song, and he actually will watch a television show based on the song.  We only have 3 episodes of it, but I am thrilled he will sit through "some" of it.

He has really developed a love for books.  He has even memorized some of his favorites.  I find him reading to himself during much of his inconsistent room time.

He talks NONSTOP.  He is making longer sentences and asking good questions.  He loves to ask me who people are.  I have become really good at making up names on the spot.

We finally had to give up his paci because he kept biting through them.  Sadly, this has caused him to stop taking a nap.  I pray that this is short lived and he begins napping again soon.  It is terribly tiring to go nonstop with him all day long, and I really thing I would be a much better mom if I had a break midday.

We are in the midst of potty training.  He is doing great when we are home.  It is a slow process. We will get there.

He is beginning to love on his sissy much more.  He still likes to let her know that I am "his mommy" but he will snuggle with her too.

Clara is 5 months old.  She loves to sit in her bumbo seat and watch Hudson.  She is grabbing toys and loves to talk to us.  She still doesn't sleep well at night.  I usually nurse her once, but she wakes at least twice most nights.  She started rolling from tummy to back at 3 months.  She has found her feet and has also started to scratch everything around her.  I truly love watching little babies slowly begin to take in more of the world around them.  I find that this time around is just as exciting and more pleasant...since I'm not constantly worried.

Will is not coaching soccer this year.  He really misses it, but it frees him up to spend more time with us.  He has launched a lawn care business called Action Lawn Care.  He really plans to invest more time in it in the upcoming Spring and Summer.

As for me, I have really had a season where my mind has been at rest.  I honestly have watched lots of Netflix and zoned out.  I am beginning to transition back into reality, but I really think it was good for me.  I am still battling tiredness.  I know that this is a season, but I really would love longer than a 4 hour stretch of sleep at night.

I have been working on lots of little home projects, and I hope to blog about those soon too!

This is Clara after church today.  It was her first time to go to the nursery.

Our recent "snow" day.  He said, "Look at all this icing."

He likes icing.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Clara's Baptism

Sweet Clara was baptized today at Christ Community Church in Helena, Alabama.

She wore the beautiful dress her brother wore--made by their talented Ge.

I realized my sim card was at full capacity...thanks to Huds and his love for taking pictures.  So, I was not able to get tons of pictures.

Both of my kiddos adore their Maw Maw and Ge:

Big brother was very anxious after sitting in big church for 30 minutes:

Notice Clara only has one sock on in this picture:

It was a sweet service.  We were reminded of God's love for us and for our children.  We were charged to the roll of shepherding sweet Clara's heart, and we were encouraged by the promise that our church family would aide us in our journey.

Afterwards, we had lunch at our house.

Will's verse for Clara is Numbers 6:24-26.

"The LORD bless you and keep you;
the LORD make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you;
the LORD lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace."

Her name means bright, and our desire is that she would be a bright light for Jesus into the dark world.  We are so very grateful to God and His promises!