Monday, May 6, 2013

The Big 3

Hudson turned the big 3 yesterday!  We skipped planning a birthday party this year, and instead, focused on small little treats.

We started his celebration this past Thursday by meeting his Uncle Ryan and Aunt Hayley at Chick-fil-A for lunch and ice cream.

They surprised him with a huge castle and ogre.  For a kid that doesn't love toys, he has played with this tons already.  It is awesome.  They are moving to Ohio and will really be missed by us.

On Friday, he had his school party.  He was so excited about having his friends sing to him.  He loved it!

When he returned home, we finished off his cupcakes.  Why waste good cupcakes?

Later that day, we ate pizza and made more cupcakes with some of our friends.  More singing.  More celebrating. 3 is a big deal.

On Saturday, we planned a family pool party in Alex City.  Then, the weather decided it was March again, but there were still cupcakes......and presents!

We were also celebrating my niece Chelsea's Birthday.

Later that evening, we went out for Mexican.  They sang to him and gave him ice cream.

Finally, Sunday was his actual birthday.  We all came into his room as soon as he woke up and started singing.

We sang again over orange rolls.  Which are really even better than cupcakes to us.

Then..........Hudson's little body went into sugar overload.  In fact, he still is trying to come down off this insane sugar high. 4 cupcake parties, 2 ice cream parties, orange rolls, and candy threw him for a crazy spell.  I never even took any pictures of his birthday night with Ge and Pops because he was INSANE!

For instance, today at Publix, he threw my groceries out of the cart, busted a carton of yogurt onto the floor, squeezed out Clara's fruit squeezie on to the floor, and slammed her head against the cart.  Sugar does not fair well with my little man.  Lesson learned.  I pray my little Huds returns to us soon.

Happy Birthday, Hudson!  You are so loved.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Chore Chart

I stole an idea from a blog called  Smile and Wave.

I found a vintage time card machine off of Etsy and filled it with chores Hudson is able to complete.  These include:  brush your teeth, dress yourself, make your bed, put your books away, clean up your toys, put your plate in the sink...etc.  Most of these task we do anyway each day.  I help him do most of them.

I took a picture of him doing each chore and explained that they go in the do slots, and when he does them, we move them to the done slots.  He receives a smartie for every completed chore.  One day, this will probably change to money that we will divide into keep, save, and spend piles.

Hudson's 3rd birthday letter


Happy 3rd Birthday!  In some sense, your birthday will always be a little different to me than your siblings.  It signifies the day that you made me a mommy!  As I was introducing you into a new world, you were introducing me into a new one too!

It has been a nonstop adventure since day one.  I would never classify you as easy. Or calm. Or quiet.  No, you have literally kept me on my feet for 3 years.  You fight hard.  Yet, you love hard too.   I love that you are all boy, full of chaos and mischief, but goodness, you love your mommy!  I adore holding the title as your leading lady!  You are worth every bit of my labor!

This has been a year of big changes for you:

You became a big brother.

You changed rooms in our house.

You moved into a big boy bed.

You started preschool two mornings a week.

You learned to use the potty.

It hasn't been easy!   You and I both share the quality of not transitioning well!  Your dad and I have been pushed to our breaking point many times.  I thought you would never stay in your big boy bed, take another nap, use the potty, or love your sissy.

I know that we are in for many more adventures and transitions ahead.  I look forward to the coming years as you grow from my little boy into the man God has designed you to be.  I love you!

This picture was taken this morning while Daddy and I were singing to you!  Your first moment awake as a 3 year old!