Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas--Part 1

I haven't been sticking to my weekly post.  I must admit--I have been mainly watching Netflix during my downtime.  That's right...I have barely been reading or doing much of anything else.  I am just so dang tired!  Clara is 3 1/2 months and she still wakes up frequently through the night.  I have been feeding her twice plus an early morning feeding.  This coupled with Hudson's frequent wakings has made me one tired mommy.  I'm so grateful for my husband's help.  I don't know if I could do it without him!  Coffee has become an even dearer friend to me.

I want to journal about our Christmas before it gets lost in the haze.  We didn't really stick to many Advent traditions this year.  We decided to only light our candles on Sundays, but we attempted to read our devotional every night.  We did things from our Advent calendar, but we didn't do many of them.  As for our Jesse tree, it was ignored.  I love, love traditions, but this just wasn't where we were this year.  My main goal each day was keeping my kids alive, not completing our Advent traditions.

Some of the things we did included-

Enjoying hot cocoa:

Breakfast with Santa:

Decorating the tree...and then decorating sissy:

Gingerbread houses:

Knocking down the tree 5 times: (wait-- that wasn't on the Advent list)

On Christmas Eve, we decided to open presents just the 4 of us.  We are so busy the next day, so this was the only time we could spend just the 4 of us. So, on Christmas Eve morning, we woke up to full stockings!

We spent the morning snuggling, open presents, and eating french toast!

The madness after presents:

After naps, we had our Happy Birthday Jesus party.  This is just a short time where we read the Christmas story, eat ice cream and cupcakes, and sing to Jesus.

I'll post on the rest of our Christmas later!