Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hudson's Hospital Kit

I have been working on making Hudson a little activity box for the hospital.  I plan on having a time where Clara and Hudson exchange gifts, and this is Clara's gift to him.  I raided the $1 spot at Target when everything was 70% off.  It was a dream come true.

The basket even came from the $1 spot.  I found the Big Brother printout on pinterest.  I laminated it, and it will function as a little pin for him.

His kit includes a coloring book, colors, markers, watercolors, a sketch pad, stickers,a dry erase board, a book, and lacing beads.  Almost everything was 70 % off 1 dollar.  The lacing beads were on clearance for 6 bucks.  This entire gift cost around $12 total.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Hudson's Learning Plan

I am attempting to facilitate a little more structured time with Hudson.  Low expectations....he can't sit still for too long.  Here is my plan:

Breakfast: We have been reading a story from the Jesus Storybook Bible, saying the first 4 catechisms, and memorizing a tiny piece of scripture that goes along with our alphabet practice.  We also have been working on scripture memory in the car with Seeds Family Worship.  I am in love with the Character cd.  Our entire family has been able to memorize chunks of scripture through this.

Structured Learning Time:  This ranges from about 5-10 minutes per day.  We are going over a letter of the week.  I got this idea from the blog  Basically, I have a little activity for each day. Each activity centers on the letter of the week.  The activities range from dot painting, stamping, dry erase coloring, sequencing, lacing, and matching.  Each letter of the week activity introduces him not only to the letters, but also to shapes, colors, and themes.  So far, this has gone well!

We are also continuing to utilize for more letter practice.

After this, we have been reading books together.  Right now, we have a pile of truck books we are going through!

I am also trying to have craft time each day.  This may mean a simple paint, color, or marker activity, but a couple of  times a week, I have tried to get a bit more creative.  We are also doing crafts based on our theme or letter of the week, including making an ABC book.  This week, we are apple stamping, painting with fruit sponges, making ant fingerprints, and cutting and pasting.

I am also attempting sensory bins.  This week, I just filled up a little tray with rice and beans, and I hid the letter A throughout it.  I have seen some very intense sensory bins on the internet, but I am easing into it!

He is also having "room time" each day.  So far, he cries during it.  I hope he will grow to love alone time in his room.

In addition, I recently attended an activity swap, so we have several "busy bags."  These bags contain an activity.  Our bags focus on fine motor skills, matching, shapes, colors, puzzles, etc.  I hope to utilize these for when I am feeding the baby throughout the day.  So far, he really leaves to dump and fill.  I have kept him busy with counting bears, puff balls, beads, and coins.

This is our "rough" plan.  We will be spending lots of time at home when Clara arrives, so I want to find constructive ways to fill his time.  Thankfully, the weather will be cooling down then, so I hope to get him outside too.  Realistically, I know our "schedule" won't exist during our Clara transition.

Maybe I will read this in 4 years and laugh at myself. I probably will.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Note to Hudson


You may ask me what you were like when you were just two.  I want to be able to give you the full details, so I figured I would share with you a little about our last two days.

I'll start with yesterday. You are normally obedient.  You just get really excited sometimes.  I am working on you holding my hand while in stores.  I took you in a drug store yesterday for a quick purchase.  You ran from me immediately and grabbed a piece of candy and a toy and hid behind something.  I had to drag you out.  It was humbling.  I know parents on the outside looking in probably think we don't discipline you.  To be honest, I am not sure I have ever walked in a store with you and bought you candy or a toy.  You didn't even want them.  You thought the candy was beads.  You just do stuff like this sometimes when you get excited.

We went to Dreamland last night.  You were so tired on the way home that you kept saying, "I go night night. I go night night." When we got home, we put you straight in the bed and handed you a paci.  You said, "No, the other paci."  So, we gave you the other paci, and you laid down and said, "Get out." We are working on teaching you that you aren't the boss.

You are obsessed with  keys, trash cans, and doors. I took you to Chick-fil-a this morning, and you threw my keys away.  One of the nice workers had to turn the trash can over and fish it from the bottom.  You locked me in a room twice today.  I had to crawl through the window and come back in through the front door both times. You are usually a great napper, but you have been in your crib for an hour screaming, "Go to Jack's house. Get up."

Needless to say, you make us work!  We are learning the best ways to shape, train, and discipline your busy personality.  I am grateful for little boy that is so one track minded and in his own little world, but who still comes and hugs and kisses me 10 times a day.  We love you.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

First Official Haircut

Will has always cut Hudson's hair in the bath.  He does a great job, but it is hard to keep everything even.  We finally decided to take him for a real cut...thanks to a free coupon from a friend.

I'll be honest, I was super nervous.  I just knew he would scream and go crazy.  I was wrong!  He was so sweet and still.  He sat in Will's's lap and ate his treat the whole time.

As we were leaving, he stuck his tongue out at one of the people working there.  Not sure where he learned that one!


Mr. Patridge turned 30 on July 27th.  He celebrated with friends in Biloxi, so we had a family celebration a couple of days before.

Breakfast was the traditional: orange rolls and orange juice.  I am pretty sure Hudson thought it was his birthday.

Afterwards, we gave Will some garage time, and then headed to Green Valley Drugs for lunch.  This has been on our bucket list for some time!

Then, we dropped of the Huds and headed to The Dark Knight Rises and dinner at Petrucelli's.  

We had brownies when Will got back from his trip.

We love you, Daddy!