About Us

Will and I met in January of 2007. He was in graduate school at Montevallo, and I worked in Anniston as a writer for a department of Homeland Security. We kept in touch through facebook messages until he came to visit me in March of that year. After that night, we spent every weekend together until I left to lead a Summer Beach Project for Campus Outreach. He came to visit often, and when it was over, I decided to move to Birmingham so we could pursue a closer relationship. After counseling, we became engaged in November. We were married May 17, 2008.

For our first two years of marriage we both taught school. Our 2nd anniversary brought our son, William "Hudson" Patrige into the world. Since then, Will has continued to teach and coach while I stay home with him.  Clara Taylor Patridge was born in 2012.  Our hands are full with these little ones!

Will and I both gave our life to Christ while in college. The Lord Jesus is the very center of our marriage and the purpose for everything we do. We are daily learning what surrendering our life to Christ looks like in the American culture in which we live.

We are blogging for several reasons. First, we want to remember these moments. Blogging has been a great form of journaling for us. Second, we want to be an encouragement to others. Finally, this is a great way for our family and friends to stay involved in our lives.