Wednesday, November 28, 2012


This Halloween, we celebrated with a lion and a pea in a pod.  Our 2 day event was filled with a hayride, trunk or treat, carnival games, and old fashioned trick or treating.  Since Hudson loves doors, doorbells, and candy, Halloween was a hit. Below is a stream of pictures taken from our sugar filled two day event..

He did not understand why he could not have all his candy right then...

Watch the lion escape....

First house of the night...

This was last year...

Notice the Lion switched places this year.  Crazy how fast the year went by, but yet so much has changed.

Hudson Escapades

Oh, Hudson....there is so much I want to remember about these days.  Funny and not so funny things you do and say.

Like the other day, when you told me to please put your sister in a pot of boiling water.

And how you were so angry when I took your raisins away, but then I thought you were over it.  Until you came in with a safety pin in your mouth.  When I asked you to take it out, you told me to give you the raisins.

We loved how excited you were when we decorated the kept saying, "I'm such a good helper hanging ornaments on the hook, yes I do Hudson."

Then you decided to decorate your sister instead.

Later, Daddy couldn't find his keys.  Then, we found them hanging on the Christmas tree.

You often spill your drink on the floor.  Sometimes you blame it on Uncle Ryan.

You also throw your food...not funny, but I giggled to myself when some landed on your sister's head.


 I can't wait to tell your future wife  how you like to walk around wearing my bracelets and rings.  Too funny.

I often find you in your sissy's bumbo, bouncy seat, and swing.

Not to mention you need 2 pacis, Snuggie, a quilt, and a pillow pet to lure you to sleep.

You love for me to squirt lemon juice, lime juice, and apple cider vinegar in your mouth.

You keep our hands and feet busy!  We love you to pieces!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"this too shall pass"

Things haven't been so picture perfect lately.  Hudson has suffered from anxiety and fearfulness amidst the changes we have undergone.  Clara has reflux and is a horrible nurser.  I feed her all day.  We have heard crying children from morning till morning and are weary.

In the midst of the hard, sweetness comes.  I shared a picture on instagram of Hudson helping me in the kitchen. As I watched him, horrible haircut and all, I was reminded of how I am called to treasure these days.  He made a big mess.  It took me double the time to make our breakfast.  Yet, I know one day I will wish he was a tiny boy again--eager to help me cook.

Loving the sweet moments. Enduring the hard ones. Remembering in both cases that "this too shall pass."