Monday, October 21, 2013

Now That's Funny

I must remember funny moments with Hudson.  This age is hilarious.  Some stuff is more funny in retrospect.

Note: I am his mom, and so of course, I think this stuff is great.  It is likely that you will not.

Me: "Hudson, Clara's birthday is coming up soon."
Hudson. (Pause) "Yeah, it is probably in the ceiling."

Me: "Hudson, please apologize to Clara."
Hudson: (Stops drinking his milk) "I can't right now mommy.  I am drinking my milk."

Hudson has these random sayings.  One thing he says is, "Do you want a nalgrine?"  The other is, "Jumping on the wink wink."  It is has been going on for awhile.

Me: "Hudson what is a nalgrine?"
Hudson: "A nalgrine is just something that looks like peaches."

Me: "What is 'jumping on the wink wink.'
Hudson: "That is when you open up all the drawers and eat up all the birthday parties."

Hudson: "When I grow up to be a daddy, I am going to spank Sissy."

Me: "Hudson, tell Clara you are sorry."
Hudson: "I am sorry, Mommy."
Me: "No, Clara."
Hudson: "I am sorry NOT Clara."

Will: "I love Mommy."
Hudson: "I love Mommy too."
Will: "I love Clara."
Hudson: "I wish I loved Clara."

Me:  "We are going to the zoo."
Hudson:  "May I please get in the cage with the lion today?"

Here are some past facebook statuses of mine:

My day so far...Before 9, Hudson had given me a black eye and set off our house alarm. We were at the doc for 2 hours. By the time we saw the doctor, both kids were screaming so loud I couldn't hear her. When we got home, Hudson peed in the floor, fell in it, and Clara crawled through it. I just walked in to Hudson using one of my pantry jars as a potty. He is potty trained I promise. I quit

"Mommy, I want rice and cookies for dinner."
"We are having tuna cakes."
"Ok, well put some cookies in them."

Hudson: "I lived in Mommy's belly. Clara lived in Mommy's belly. We both lived in Mommy's belly. Mommy, is there a bathroom in there?"

Hudson is reading his Bible to me. All sounded good until God showed up in a spaceship. We may need to work on his theology.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Clara's Birthday Party/ One Year Pictures

We celebrated Clara's birthday with a small family gathering.  My friend, Alison Bell, took pictures for us.

I loved that she was there to take pictures of the decorations.  It never pay attention to the details.
My friend, Traci Creel, made this when Clara was born.

The menu included fruit, pretzels, strawberry cake, red velvet cake, sweet tea, and pink lemonade.

Will made this cake!

My mom made this yummy red velvet cake.

Then, we took her outside for her first birthday pictures. Will's mom made her dress.

Afterward, she attacked the cake.

Sweet baby! This is while we were singing.

Thanks for great pictures, Alison!  Happy Birthday sweet girl!