Monday, May 19, 2014

Just another update from the Patridge house as well as my usual Instagram regurgitation:

Favorite instagrams of the past two weeks:

When he was a baby and we passed by a mirror, I would always say, "Look at that baby and his mama!" It is a rare moment when I hold him now but today, I passed a mirror with him in my arms, and I repeated those same words instinctively. Holding him like this will soon be just a memory.  Mothering is such a bittersweet journey.

She is loved by a very present and attentive dad.  A beautiful beginning to the story of her life.

Hudson desperately wanted his very own salt shaker. Clara is covered in pen ad throwing a fit.  It is 9:30 in the morning.  We are the people of Wal-Mart.

In other news....

Hudson has not given his snuggie a second thought since we brought home Curious George.  He has had that thing sleeping beside him since the night he was born.  Makes me sad!

Clara has decided she is terrified of her crib.  She has to be rocked to sleep now.

Will and I celebrated 6 years on Saturday.  We went to dinner and a movie the night before.  Lame, I know!  I had been sick all week, so we cancelled our plans downtown.  Still, happy to celebrate our marriage anyway.  It has been a wonderful 6 years as his wife!  Here is to many more!

Maybe one day my post won't be so random and will contain more than a regurgitation of Instagram.  Not anytime soon though.....

Friday, May 16, 2014

20 Months

Always covered in her art...pen, markers, paint, whatever she felt like creating with at the moment.  Her hair is usually in her eyes, and she is at least half undressed.  Often found standing by the pantry and begging for snack. Lover of all creatures big and small.

She requires a 2 blankets, a snuggie, 2 dolls, 1 bear, 1 dog, 1 giraffe,  around 8 books, and a sippy cup to sleep.  We remove them all like Jenga before we go to bed each night.

She says Mommy, Daddy, Pop, Ge, Maw Maw. Pop Pop, puppy, apple, bubble, Hudson, brother, hey, bye, ball, please, and maybe a few other words here and there. 

She adds so much joy to our lives!  We love you Clara.


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day


Motherhood by far is the best and hardest road I have ever walked.  It sees me at my best and at my very worst.  It is full of much needed grace and mostly mundane everyday moments.  Yet, if I had 1000 lives to live, I would chose his one every single time.  It is my greatest joy and honor to be a wife to my husband and a mother to these two children.  Thankful everyday for this high calling.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Time is of the Essence

“Now is the time to get things done…wade in the water, sit in the sun, squish my toes in the mud by the door, explore the world in a boy just four.
Now is the time to study books, flowers, snails, how a cloud looks; to ponder “up,” where God sleeps nights, why mosquitoes take such big bites.
Later there’ll be time to sew and clean, paint the hall that soft new green, to make new drapes, refinish the floor – Later on…when he's not just four.”-- Irene Foster

Monday, May 5, 2014

4 -Birthday Letter


Here we are at 4 years old!  In one sense it took an eternity to get here, and in another, it has flown by so quickly.

So much of you has remained the same this year. You are still so busy, curious, and intense. You still enjoy things that your peers probably wouldn't notice. You still possess the uniqueness that makes you -you.

Yet, this year has been a huge year of growth for you. You have really began to enjoy friends so much this year, and your sissy is your best friend! You play with toys and love to pretend. You have developed attachments to a few TV shows and characters. You were not interested in any of that before this year. I love that you are unique, but it has been encouraging to see you be able to relate to your peers.

Your favorites right now are Curious George, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, coins and your cash register, and pretend medicine. You also love to "fix" things with your tools. You love to be outside and dig in the dirt and jump on your trampoline.  You love to ride your fire truck, 3 wheeler, big wheels, and tricycle.

 In our school time, you are great with cutting and mazes. You are familiar with your letters and the sounds they make as well as counting small groups of items. Your favorite book at the moment is Peter Rabbit. You love to quote books while you are playing.

Your favorite food is Chinese, pizza, and tacos.  Your favorite treats are donuts. You love Tic Tacs.

You sleep with snuggle, pillow pet, Curious George, "cold" blankie, your radio playing, and your light on.

We are proud of you sweet boy. Your spirit and determination inspire me everyday. We pray you will soon know Jesus, and that he will use your unique gifts in wonderful ways for His glory. We love you. Thank you for making us parents! Happy birthday!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Strawberry Picking

I took Hudson strawberry picking last week.  It was a sweet time.  Just the two of us.  We took our time, talked and gathered two buckets full.

Afterwards, we went to Peach Park.  We got ice cream cones.  Then, we played by the little river and on the playground.

It was the best one on one time we have had together since Clara was born.  He kept saying, "Do you love to pick strawberries with Mommy?"  Which is his way of telling me he is having fun!

Since then, we have been eating strawberries and making jam for Mother's Day.

Enjoying our bounty.

Eating parfaits with our fresh berries.


Saturday, May 3, 2014

Zero to Donuts

We celebrated Hudson's 4th birthday with a small party based on the Curious George book, "Zero to Donuts."  Hud's loves Curious and he loves donuts, so this was the perfect combo.

My friend Michelle Repolles photographed for us.  So glad she did. Most of the bigger kids were too busy to be photographed, but there are great shots of their little siblings.