Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Hudson wanted to show you his tricks.

Pat your head:

Rub your belly:

Show me your tongue:

Clap your hands:

Blue Steel:

Be Really Cute:

Clean your highchair:

Friday, August 26, 2011

Pinterest Accomplishments

This post is simply to congratulate myself for the accomplishments I've made through Pinterest. Thanks to new motivation, our house is slowly becoming a home.

I have no idea why my pictures are so blurry. It must have something to do with lighting. I have no camera taking ability!

Reading Nook:
This is very bare bones, but my absolute favorite. It will soon be ready for its own post. My husband built this from scratch.

Aqua Mason Jars and Milk Glasses
Nothing had to be crafted on this one, but Pinterest motivated me to keep my eyes peeled out for them, and I scooped them up at a flea mall for under 6 apiece. They really make me smile. I fear they may soon meet their fate by Hudson and the broom.

The (almost) empty frame wall:
This project really brightened up our loft/playroom, and it only cost us around 8 bucks. Thank you America's Thrift Store.

Again, nothing to be crafted, but I love globes. I owned one of these as a child and found the other 3 and yard sales and flea malls. I would love to have more.

Picture Frame Dry Erase Board:
So easy. Will and I use it to write little notes and Bible verses. You can't tell from this picture, but it is hanging by the door.

Cake Stand:
I found this abandoned plate in an empty house's yard. The candle holder cost 2 bucks. Insert super glue and you have a pretty cheap project.

Scrabble Art:
Our family scrabble game was not harmed during the making of this. We found an old game for 75 cents at America's Thrift. We love that place.

Dish liquid in soda bottle:
This little guy makes washing dishes fun.

Shutter Shelf:
In all honesty, I had this idea awhile ago. I tweaked it from the one I saw on Pinterest. He lives in our reading nook.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


The Hubs and I are trying to compile a list of silly things I've done in the past year or so. Yes, I'm cracking on myself. Here is what we have:
  • I once made tuna noodle casserole and forgot the tuna.
  • I put diaper rash cream on Hudson's toothbrush.
  • I dropped my library book of f at the municipal center.
  • I forgot to turn on the baby monitor, and I kept going down stairs to check on Hudson when it was actually the neighbor's baby crying.
  • I have found both my keys and my cell phone in the fridge.
  • I forgot to buckle Hudson's car seat into the car.
  • I forgot to buckle Hudson into the car seat.
  • I've forgotten about things cooking in the stove more than once.
  • I forgot to turn the stove on and all the while, I thought dinner was cooking.
  • I've locked my keys and phone inside the house.
  • I accidentally locked Hudson in his room.
  • I've put milk in the cabinet rather than the fridge.
  • I attempted to steam veggies without adding water to the pot. This ended badly.
Does anyone want to tell me silly things they've done? Make me feel better.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

15 months

Hudson has changed so much in one week. Today, I looked at him in his high chair and barely recognized him. My sweet baby has become a little boy...messy, stinky, mischievous, and of course, the most beautiful boy in the world!

Today, he went to the stove while I was cooking and whispered, "hot!"

He seems to prefer men over women. Even Daddy over Mommy. Mommy is ready for Daddy to go back to work.

His new favorite word is No!

He is still obsessed with lights and fans. He points to them often. Here is a picture of him pointing to the light:

He now can say ball, please, thank you, and up.

He eats with a spoon....kind of.

He climbed up the stairs. Mommy found him halfway up and had a brief panic attack.

He is a paci and snuggie addict. He used to take them when I gave them to him, but now, he goes and finds them. He cries when I take them away. Oh no!

He likes to brush his hair.

He can stick out his tongue, rub his belly, and point to his head. Not all at once though.

He wants to try whatever we are doing. Here he is helping Daddy:

Sadly, we are saying goodbye to our sweet summer. We ended the summer with two birthday parties. We went to Dreamland for Uncle Ryan's! Hudson tried his first rib. Then, we celebrated Jack's first. Jack is Hudson's bff. Then, our dishwasher flooded. Thankfully, Daddy saved the day. We will miss him so much! We are so grateful that we get summers with him. It makes the long soccer season seem doable.

Monday, August 1, 2011


Wow! July seemed to go by in a blink.

Not too much to report. We were sick for two whole weeks of this month. It all started with me....I had a touch of a stomach bug, which was followed by a sore throat, and finally, a cold. In the midst of this, Hudson came down with croup. He caught a stomach bug from the doctor's office. The stomach bug gave him the worst diaper rash in history. Then, he had some sort of a fever virus. Now, he has 4 teeth growing in at one time. Will had a summer cold the entire two weeks.

So, needless to say, we suffered from cabin fever. We did lots of moping around. We overloaded ourselves on medicine.

We can't complain too much. Will has been home for nearly 10 weeks! It feels weird to have no one "working" in the home, but still have money. I quoted "working" because there always seems to be something to do.

We had a good month visiting with family and friends. We were able to spend a weekend in Montgomery, Alex City, and at Logan Martin lake. We got to see the final Harry Potter and attend a fun evening wedding. We have been able to have friends into our home, and we have shared wonderful meals and fellowship with those we love. Will also had a great birthday!

We are still using the summer to do home projects. Will is currently working on our reading/prayer nook. It has been on the drawing board for months, but pinterest has inspired me to take action.


Hudson is becoming such a big boy! He runs everywhere. He is learning new words. So far I have heard-Mama, Dada, Bye, Bird, Yummy, and Amelia. He tries to say words I say, and he will point or look towards most things if asked.

He has a good memory. For example, I usually take out his night light in the mornings because he wants to touch it. I replace it with one of those socket protectors I keep on the corner bookshelf. This morning he brought me the socket protector as I was taking out the night light! So funny.

He is down to one nap most days. He decided he doesn't like peanut butter. His favorite toys are a rake, a golf club, and a bottle of bug spray. Yeah, the last one is weird. His favorite game is chase.

We have been dealing with a big temper. I knew we were sinful from birth, but now, I am experiencing it on a whole new level. We are prayerfully dealing with this situation. We are open to suggestions!

He is becoming more of a snuggler. We love it.

Hudson running-

Temper Tantrum-


Please suggest a book for me. This month I read The Poisonwood Bible and The Gravedigger's Daughter. The Poisonwood Bible casts a very negative light on mission work. While I know some people are crazy, I would rather read a mission story that compels me to do my part to reach the lost world. It kept me interested though. It also made me cry. So, I guess that means I liked it. The Gravedigger's Daughter was a deep story about a Jewish refugee who dealt with lots of hard things in her life. It speaks on the desire of women to be known and loved. I am also skimming through Treasuring Christ in our Traditions. I am noting good ideas and working with Will to develop some of our own family traditions.

Pictures of July-