Wednesday, August 17, 2011


The Hubs and I are trying to compile a list of silly things I've done in the past year or so. Yes, I'm cracking on myself. Here is what we have:
  • I once made tuna noodle casserole and forgot the tuna.
  • I put diaper rash cream on Hudson's toothbrush.
  • I dropped my library book of f at the municipal center.
  • I forgot to turn on the baby monitor, and I kept going down stairs to check on Hudson when it was actually the neighbor's baby crying.
  • I have found both my keys and my cell phone in the fridge.
  • I forgot to buckle Hudson's car seat into the car.
  • I forgot to buckle Hudson into the car seat.
  • I've forgotten about things cooking in the stove more than once.
  • I forgot to turn the stove on and all the while, I thought dinner was cooking.
  • I've locked my keys and phone inside the house.
  • I accidentally locked Hudson in his room.
  • I've put milk in the cabinet rather than the fridge.
  • I attempted to steam veggies without adding water to the pot. This ended badly.
Does anyone want to tell me silly things they've done? Make me feel better.

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