Sunday, August 7, 2011

15 months

Hudson has changed so much in one week. Today, I looked at him in his high chair and barely recognized him. My sweet baby has become a little boy...messy, stinky, mischievous, and of course, the most beautiful boy in the world!

Today, he went to the stove while I was cooking and whispered, "hot!"

He seems to prefer men over women. Even Daddy over Mommy. Mommy is ready for Daddy to go back to work.

His new favorite word is No!

He is still obsessed with lights and fans. He points to them often. Here is a picture of him pointing to the light:

He now can say ball, please, thank you, and up.

He eats with a spoon....kind of.

He climbed up the stairs. Mommy found him halfway up and had a brief panic attack.

He is a paci and snuggie addict. He used to take them when I gave them to him, but now, he goes and finds them. He cries when I take them away. Oh no!

He likes to brush his hair.

He can stick out his tongue, rub his belly, and point to his head. Not all at once though.

He wants to try whatever we are doing. Here he is helping Daddy:

Sadly, we are saying goodbye to our sweet summer. We ended the summer with two birthday parties. We went to Dreamland for Uncle Ryan's! Hudson tried his first rib. Then, we celebrated Jack's first. Jack is Hudson's bff. Then, our dishwasher flooded. Thankfully, Daddy saved the day. We will miss him so much! We are so grateful that we get summers with him. It makes the long soccer season seem doable.

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