Thursday, June 21, 2012

Beach 2012

We just spent the last couple of days at the beach...just the 3 of us.  Our last little vacation as family of 3!

It was a great break from routine.  We spent our mornings at the beach, our afternoons at the pool, and our evenings back on the beach!  This was pretty much our agenda.  We ventured out for ice cream and lunch at Bahama Bob's, but other than that, we kept a low profile.

Hudson loved digging around in the sand:

He admired the ocean:

His favorite part was probably such close access to a swimming pool:

He liked to ride the rope, as he called it:

Off the side of the pool was a laundry room. The door was always open to it, and for some reason, this stressed Hudson out.  He talked about the door that is always open and would constantly ask me to go shut it.  This is what he is thinking about in these pics:

Since we were at the beach, we broke the rules:

I loved getting some quality family time with these guys.  No distractions.

I seriously passed out every time Hudson did.  I took naps daily and feel asleep on the couch every single night.  It was wonderful!

Next time we hit the beach, we will have little Clara Mae in tow!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Friday Family Fun Day

We are attempting to plan a little family outing every Friday this summer.  This Friday was one of our first.

We played in a shaded park by the river.  Then, Will and Huds took a dip.

Afterwards, we cooled off at the Depot restaurant, which overlooks the waterfall.

We had frozen lemonade...or as Huds would say, "ice ceam!"

We talked about really important the difference between salt, pepper, and spices.

"Hudson, which one is the pepper?"

I love slow, summer days!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

a full heart

How did we get from here?

And here?

To here?

You are a little boy! You told your Daddy yesterday that you wanted to stay home and play with your "vroom vrooms" instead of going on an errand with him.  You jumped in the pool last week and told me you made it rain.  If I ask you a question, you answer me.  You hold my face and kiss me and say "Mommy, oh wee.  Pretty Mommy." You talk about poo poo and laugh. You would live off croutons if we let you.  Last night, you sang an entire verse of "Amazing Grace" to me while you were in the tub.  This Momma had tears in her eyes!   I can't get enough of your little sentences and quirky facial expressions.  25 months old today!  Crazy! So grateful you made me a mommy.