Tuesday, November 30, 2010


So, I guess I finally am going to update my blog. The boredom that goes with rain is most of my inspiration. Hudson is nearly 7 months old, so I guess it is past due!

This Christmas season I really want to focus on traditions. We are beginning traditions and patterns now that will help shape what our family continues throughout generations. It is my prayer that our children hear Christmas and think of our Lord...not presents, Santa, candy, etc.... Those things are totally fine when in their rightful place. I for one remember the letdown of Christmas morning as a child...when I got everything I wanted and still felt unsatisfied. I long for Hudson to cherish the celebration of Jesus! The Word became flesh and dwelt among us!

So...I am going to start small. I don't want to throw too much at once on my sweet and patient husband.

First--the Advent wreath. We are going to light a new candle every Sunday of Advent and have the candles lit for that week while we have dinner. We have 3 purple candles, one pink, and the white Christ candle.

Each candle carries a meaning.
1st purple candle-Prophesy/ Hope
2nd purple candle-Bethlehem/ Peace
3rd pink candle-Shepherds/ Joy
4th purple candle-Angel/ Love
5th white candle-Christ.

Second-an Advent devotional. This is something we will read each night in December while the candles are lit. Very excited about this family time!

Third-The Advent calendar. I purchased a wooden one with little doors. Each door has a little piece of paper with a verse and activity inside. The activities include things like make pumpkin muffins, watch a Christmas movie, sit by the fire, drink hot chocolate, go for Christmas coffee, etc... The point of this is to anticipate Christmas day. As Hudson gets older, I will add candy to each day.

Fourth-Christ centered ornaments. I want our tree ornaments to tell the story of Christ. This one will take time. So far I have a few fruits of the spirit, a lion, (which can symbolize many things such as the Lion of Judah and Daniel and the lions den) and the star.

Fifth--a Nativity scene. I don't have this one yet. If anyone knows where I can find a good one, please let me know.

Here are some pictures: