Monday, June 2, 2014


Our porch as has become quite the sanctuary for birds.  Recently we had a mama dove nest in one of our hanging baskets.   She was there for around 3 weeks.  Her babies arrived after a week or so, and the dad came to visit often.  We loved sharing our porch with them.

Mama and Daddy dove waiting on the eggs to hatch.

Hudson studying the birds.

Every morning Clara and Will would say hello to the birds and their mama.

Baby dove the day before they both flew off.


Summer is here!

We are so grateful to have Will home in the summers.  I realize that this is a rarity today--to have two
parents in the home for a stretch of 12 weeks.  I don't take it for granted.  I love that we all get to slow down and enjoy life together--no agenda, just stretches and stretches of time.

We have a rather large bucket list of things we "want" to do, but nothing we have to do!  We are trying to just enjoy each other.

Here is a glimpse into our first week or so:

Welcoming Daddy home!
Bubbles and dirty faces!
Introducing Clara to earthworms and roly polies.

Buck Creek.

First pool day.

Hudson's very fist trip to the movies.  We saw Madagascar 3.

Snow Cones!

Thrifting with Clara!

Saying hello to the bird.


Mcwane Date with Hudson

Splash pad at the zoo

Lots of trampoline jumping

Watching a summer storm roll in.

Beetle study.

Making summer nature notebooks
Looking forward to making many memories with my crew!