Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

We paid 10 dollars for a pumpkin Saturday.  Then, on Sunday I bought one $2.75 at Aldi.

Hudson enjoyed running down the big hill much more than the pumpkins.

Even Clara got her own pumpkin.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Clara Taylor Patridge

Clara Taylor Patridge

Originally, we planned on naming Clara-Clara Mae.  We changed it while in the hospital.  Will chose Clara.  It means "clear, bright, and famous."  We liked it because we wanted Clara to be a clear and bright light for Christ.  Taylor was my Grandmother's last name.  We decided we wanted her to carry her legacy.  She was a great Godly woman.  Sweet Clara has the honor of carrying her name.

First Bath Comparison

Hudson's first bath picture:


I think it is safe to say they favor!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Clara's Room

I don't like posting pictures of rooms in my house because I am awful picture taker, but I wanted to post pictures of Clara's room.  I am in love with this room, but of course, my pictures don't do it justice.

My mom bought the quilt off Etsy from Fern Leslie.  Then, my talented mother-in-law made the bedding and pillows. We ordered fabric from the quilt patches.  All of the fabric is Heather Bailey and Amy Butler.  My sweet friend Traci made her wreath on the door and the framed Bible verse above her chest of drawers.  The shelf above the bed has a framed Katie Daisy print along with stuff from my childhood bedroom.  The dried flowers are from our grandmother's recent funerals.  Will made the shutter headboard and the shutter changing table beside the bed.  The window treatments are canvas drop cloths from Lowe's.  Her memo board was made by awesome friend Megan.  The blanket on the rocker was made by my Aunt Vickie. The gown on the window was also made by mother-in-law. It is a little wrinkled in this pic.  Hudson used it for his baptism, and so will Clara!  The paper lanterns above the bed are Martha Stewart.

I am going to post some close ups of the bedding in my next post.  My mother-in-law is an awesome seamstress and she needs her own post.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Since we've been home.....

Clara turned 3 weeks old yesterday.  Since we've been home, I have had lots of help from Will, my mom, and Will's mom.  Everyone has helped me keep the house clean and entertained Hudson while I have camped out on the couch feeding sweet Clara.  We have really been enjoying all the meals brought to us by our wonderful friends and church.  The hardest part of the whole thing is loosing the dynamic of Hudson as the only child.  I haven't been able to spend tons of time with him, and I miss him!  Of course, he has been acting out a little.

The second time around has been much easier for us.  We knew a bit more of what to expect, and we also have had perspective that this constant feeding and no sleep is very short lived.  Although, the whole you sleep when she sleeps advice doesn't work too well when you have a 2 year old at home!

At her two week appointment, Clara was 7 pounds 14 ounces.  She has gained 2 ounces a day!  She seems to be doing great.  She still wakes up twice during the night, but there have been a couple of nights where it was only once.  She doesn't usually go down easy once she wakes up, so this has been a bit challenging.  She sleeps swaddled in her vibrating chair.  We will try to break her of this habit in a month or two!

Hudson has paid more attention to her lately.  He colored on her one day and said he was sharing his markers!  Since then, he has given her a few kisses and help stick the paci in her mouth when she cries.

First time with both of them in the car:

First bath:

Meeting Gabby:

Next week is my first official week flying solo.  A little anxious and excited to start our new normal.

Introducing Clara!

Clara Taylor Patridge arrived around 7:00 pm on Saturday, September 15th. She weighed 6 pounds 9 ounces and was 18 inches and 1/2 inches long.

My contractions started around 2:30 that afternoon.  I was napping with Hudson when they came suddenly- just a couple of minutes apart.  We rushed to the hospital an hour later when they became more consistent, and I could no longer talk through them.  I was already 7 centimeters when we arrived, and I was very nervous that I would not get the epidural in time. I finally received it and began pushing not long after.

The whole experience was very different from Hudson's arrival.  He was a week late, and I labored from morning until after 5 that evening!  Will and I had the movie moment birth this time..complete with rushing to the hospital and me screaming for an epidural!

Sweet Daddy:

First picture with her Maw Maw:

Big brother got to meet her the next morning.  He really didn't understand what was going on--but he was excited to hang out with his uncles, have a cookie, and play with all the hospital doors.

Baby sister got Hudson a big brother gift.  He loved the lacing beads the best!

Telling her thank you:

Hudson gave Clara a snuggie.  We've learned after one child that we are going to have a couple of go to snuggies with this baby.  Hudson will only take one!

Can you tell I had a night of no sleep?

Meeting her Ge.  Notice big brother checking out the doors!


Meeting Aunt Hayley and Uncle Ryan:

Uncle Wes:

Uncle Reed and Pops came the night before, but Clara was too cold to hold!

Happy Birthday Clara:

Singing to baby sister:

Meeting the Gordon family:

She loves those fingers:

Going home in the outfit I wore when I came home from the hospital:

We are so happy to have sweet Clara home with us!