Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Instagram Love

I am a big Instagram fan.  When my children are older and read this blog, I am not sure what will be available through social media, but I love this app!  It is an instant way for me to share pictures with a smaller group of people, specifically our family.  It is also a way for me to take quick pictures and then either add them to this blog or order through an online site.  My favorite part is that it helps to recognize the beauty in the most mundane and ordinary moments in my life.

Although, folks that read this blog and follow me through Instagram usually receive no new info from my blog now. Instagram ate this place.  Yet, I am continuing to blog.  Mainly so that my family has this journal, but also as a place for me to write when the mood strikes!

Glimpses of last week through Instagram:

Rainy day activity: he watches the fish and she watches the people.

Afternoon swing while brother gets his energy out on the trampoline.

Caught them snuggling.

Double fisting.

I walked away for a minute and when I returned, she was covered in markers and he was washing his hands with the entire bottle of glue.

First ponytail.  April 19. 2014

Prepping our garden. Dirt is his favorite.

Our first garden.

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