Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Clara-15 Months

My sweet baby is 15 months old.  Hard to believe!

She is finally walking more.  She is still unsteady and prefers to be held, but she is getting there!

She is jabbering away.  She says mama, dada, bye, baby, what is that, and who is that.

She can feed herself with a spoon.

She loves to do exactly what Hudson is doing.

She plays with toys!  Kind of new experience for us.  She loves to vroom cars, build blocks, etc..

She cries a whole lot.  Mostly because she wants me to hold her, but also when she can't express what she wants.

She will finally stay in the church nursery.  She cries when we leave her though. She cries a whole lot.  Did I mention that?

She loves Barney, Curious George, and The Wheels on the Bus.

She loves to climb.  Seriously, I guess Hudson was not a climber because I am amazed at what she tries to climb each day.

She loves to hide in our cabinets.

Love our sweet girl and look forward to continuing to watch her grow.

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